White and Associates provides comprehensive, immigration-related services.

We prepare nonimmigrant and immigrant petitions, visa applications, and waiver applications. To do so, we engage in the following:

  • Listening — The first step is hearing you and fully understanding your situation, asking the right questions, and clarifying goals and desired outcomes
  • Strategizing — We look with you at the “big picture” and develop the best approach to achieving your desired outcome
  • Analyzing — We review all relevant issues and questions of concern and the particular provisions of the law which govern
  • Planning — We believe advance planning is critical for your success
  • Ensuring accuracy
  • Responding to any additional requests for evidence

We prepare clients for visa interviews with consular officers, inspectors at US ports of entry, and with USCIS officers.

We work with you, in advance, to prepare for a successful interview. Interviews are critical to your attempt to obtain permission to enter and stay in the US legally. Interviews are often subjective. Sometimes, they are conducted by officers who a) have little or no experience; b) are hostile, impertinent, or just having a bad day; and c) may not be fluent in your native language. How you look, dress, and answer questions is vital in determining the outcome of the interview.

We troubleshoot.

When an interview does not go as planned, or a petition is not progressing, we immediately intervene. We contact the government official and proactively take steps to avoid a negative decision. We don’t wait for a final decision before taking action.

We provide second opinions.

Just as people go to doctors for a second opinion, a second opinion from a lawyer can also be beneficial, particularly in a complicated area of law such as immigration.

We consult employees.

We work directly with employees to provide independent consultation or representation if needed. Even in cases where your employer’s legal representative prepares the employment petition and manages the immigration process, White & Associates will work directly for you. Lawyers who work for the employer have a first duty to the employer, not you, the employee. It does not hurt to have direct representation.

We provide representation in refusal and complicated cases.

We prepare appeals, requests for reconsideration, and waivers. We file lawsuits. Complicated cases may involve intersections of criminal and immigration law; past bars to entry; poison-pen letters; baseless allegations or suspicions. The Case Studies on our website,, provide numerous examples of how we have helped individuals who found themselves in similar, challenging situations. Unlike other lawyers, we are not afraid of taking on difficult cases.

To learn more about the services we provide and how we can assist, please contact us.