Other Cases

Case of G.S.

G and O arrived together at the same time as immigrants, but only O received his green card in the mail. After contacting USCIS on several occasions and waiting seven months, she contacted our firm. We initiated contact with USCIS and submitted an application for a green card. After one month, G received her green card.

Case of Y.O.

Y was a long time green card holder; we helped him obtain his green card back in the 1990s. But he spent most of his time outside the US. Upon arriving in the US, Customs and Border Patrol inspectors would aggressively question him about his residence and whether he had abandoned his US residency. After consulting with our firm, we advised him that he should apply for a reentry permit. We timed the submission of his application with his next arrival in the US. We arranged for him to undergo expedited biometrics in the US. This allowed him to depart the US after only spending two weeks. Two months later, we received his reentry permit in the mail and sent it to him by overseas courier. Since then, he is greeted much more warmly by CBP inspectors.

Case of E.E.

E was also an EB-5 client. We helped him and his wife naturalize. We then submitted an application for his daughter to receive a Certificate of Citizenship. After three months, she obtained her Certificate.

Case of M.A.

We helped M through his EB-5 immigration process and helped him and his wife naturalize. Right after their naturalization, they departed the US for several months with their 10 year old child. Because she was under the age of 18, she was not able to naturalize. We helped M apply for a US passport for his daughter at the US Embassy abroad, and after they returned to the US, helped them apply for a Certificate of Citizenship for her.

Case of S.K.

S moved to the US when she was 15 and soon received a green card. After five years, she wanted to become a citizen. The problem for S is that she has had a couple of run-ins with the law — a DUI arrest, some traffic infractions, and leaving the scene of an accident. To naturalize, one must show “good moral character”. After analyzing these incidents, contacting her previous criminal defense attorneys, and gathering strong letters of rehabilitation, we represented S in her naturalization process. She successfully naturalized.

Case of G.C.

G, a permanent resident, traveled to her home country to take care of her sick and elderly mother. G’s stay became protracted because of the dire nature of her mother’s illness. She remained outside the US for more than a year. We helped her apply for a returning resident visa (SB-1), documenting her mother’s sickness and her intention to return to the United States. Issuance of the visa enabled her to return to the US and her children there.

Case of S.N.

S, who was granted asylum in the US, returned to his home country to attend the funeral of his brother. Because of the sudden death, S did not have time to obtain a Refugee Travel Document. S applied to the US Embassy in his home country for a Document but it was refused. With our assistance, he was able to obtain the Document while abroad and he was able to return to the US.

Case of V.K.

We represented V in his application for US citizenship. V was born in the US more than 60 years ago. He was born into a family of employees of the Ministry of Trade. Because his father was not in the “blue list”, he was eligible for US citizenship. We managed to obtain a notarized copy of his birth certificate, which he presented to the US Embassy. This enabled the Embassy to issue him a US passport.

Case of S.G.

S was going through a divorce proceeding with his wife in Moscow, Russia. His wife was a US permanent resident, and her status was important to the case. S needed an expert in US immigration law, so he contacted our firm. Kenneth White testified in court about the intricacies of US immigration law, including questions relating to entry to the United States, the validity of visas, and permanent resident status and citizenship.

Case of A.D.

Many years ago, we assisted A, a famous opthamologist, in obtaining a green card through the extraordinary ability category. After receiving the green card, A continued to spend substantial time in his home country. He did not accumulate enough time of physical presence in the US to apply for naturalization. So when the 10 year term of his green card was near expiration, he contacted us to help him obtain a new one. Within two months, he received his new 10 year green card.